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Cheapie VSR 10 Revival and Barrel setup.

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Well my Bar 10 has been lying dead for a good long time in the closet and I felt that need to revive it back to working order.
The only thing wrong with my Bar 10 was the broken hopup.

So this is what I am planning to possibly get.
Replacement JG Hopup chamber 12 dollars why not.
King Arms Bucking 15
Spare mag 10 dollars.
Modify 6.03 VSR10 barrel.
.3 bbs.

This is probably going to be my cart. Would it be good. Throwing in a 20 percent off coupon too and being at the walk in store.
Sorry this is a noob question but would this be good and what would you change. Please note I don`t have much money and I`m just reviving a old gun. Please be respectful and don`t say to me to go screw off or something like that...
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For cheapo and accurate... It's a tough call, but with a nineball bucking and a tm precision chamber you should be shooting g&g 0.3g bbs to chest 9/10 times from 30 yards. :)
Did bar 10 shoot around 400 fps out the box? If it shoots 300 fps, then i recommend m120 spring, you are really going to want that 70 fps increase. You can run it for a summer and then trigger sear is going to crack, by that time you should have enough money for deepfire searset.
Don't ever use matrix bbs, just don't.
About bb weights on sniper, you should always use the heaviest bb if you have enough hop, if it underhops, get lighter bbs.
I got purple nineball and flat hop up arm nub, overhopping 0.25 at zero hop, I'll test 0.4 before doing anything to it.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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