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Name: Rowdy

Callsign: Rowdy

Experience: Been playing since late 2004

Arsenal: CA LWRC
Custom HK416
TM 1911
Waiting to pick up a M24

Camo: No custom camo yet.

Other Hobbies: Working on cars, Offroading

Residence: Oklahoma

Hi everyone. I'm looking to getting back in the role for a while now (wished I had never sold my old Tanaka M700).

An acquaintance of mine recommended your forums to me. Lots of useful information. Any advice that you guys want to offer would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome my friend. Glad that you logged in. This is a great forum and I hope you feel at home. :)
As far as advice goes, I would read the rules carefully. ;) This forum is pretty strict...which I personally count as a huge thumbs up. Due to the faithful monitering of the moderators (great job guys), we have a forum without foolish idle chatter, but devoted to snipers that want to learn to be professionals. (Many of whome are)

Last advice is, just read, read, and read some more. If there is any topics that you dont understand, or you have any questions, just put a post up.

Welcome to the forum!

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