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Experience-7 years of airsofting. No stranger to the big events. I've only sporadically ran as a sniper, but I love to go DM and I have been pointed to this site multiple times to fine tune my setup.

Arsenal-My primary right now is a Custom Fusion Engine drop in done by Bingoairsoftworks; a G&G/Polar Star F2000. I have been trying to set it up for an effective range of at least 100 yards, which as you all may know is not overly difficult with a P*.
I also have a custom blowback G&G for CQB scenarios that is currently pushing 1500rpm.

Given my DM role rather than sniper, I use my team's camo; Multicam and Asian Tiger.

Hobbies-Biking, running

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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