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Chest Rig Light Sniper Loadout

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Thought I would post this here as well as in my other thread. For anyone looking for ways to attach gear while keeping things light, here is a vid for ya.

Will get some pics up later.
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If running assault I always prefer a plate carrier. It's rigid and carries gear like no other system.

Light weight its a toss up between a belt and a vest. I prefer the belt but I really like the way that vest is open backed. I'll have to find one and try it out sometime if it isn't to expensive.

Great video none the less.

Can I ask why you use m4 pouches though?

I generally just use 7.62 mag pouches for something like a m14 or sr25. They fit the weapon and you can fit two to a pouch easily enough.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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