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Choice of Eyewear

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Hello. What do you find is good eyewear for sniping, (particulary to those who use ghillies)? I currently use clear protective glasses with anti-fog wipes but I find that my eyewear still fogs up alot until I am unable see in a matter of seconds.
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Wire mesh goggles. I've found that woven mesh is easier to see through then stamped mesh. You can also spray-paint them for better camouflage!
I use anti-fog goggles with my ghillie. I used to use goggles specially for airsoft but lately I've been using swimming goggles (the ones shaped like airsoft goggles) because they don't fog and they are much cheaper in price.
ESS profile goggles, with foam removed. Rarely ever get any fog, and have a G&G fan if necessary.
I use Winchester safety glasses from WalMart in the pellet rifle section.
Clear glasses for me!
It's too humid here, and with a jumpsuit style ghille, I just can't :p
I find that humidity causes alot of the fogging. It can get quite humid in Ireland.
I use a little ten dollar pair of goggles that will fog as soon as I break a sweat... but I've heard of an anti fog spray that goes on the worst of goggles to prevent fogging.
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I'm very happy with the ESS profile turbofan, all the times they fogged a bit it was only because I forgot to switch to the second speed of the fan!
They were one of my best Airsoft purchases!

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ESS profile goggles, with foam removed. Rarely ever get any fog, and have a G&G fan if necessary.
I have a set of those with the thermal dual panes and fan, they are my go to's, with a Brass Face mask.

This weekend I almost broke out the Revision Exoshields that I had a anti fog breakthrough with (liquid soap FTW!) but chickened out about getting shot in the face. :(

Will try those next game for sure, though, they're like wearing nothing.
I was just getting some stuff at the army surplus store and happened to see a pair of government issue SWDG (sun wind dust goggles) and got them on a whim. They were 20$ so if they were only somewhat good it isn't that big of a loss. It comes with clear and tinted lenses. I'll try them out later but it has several vent holes all around the frames that seem like they will stop fog, although there is no anti-fog coating on the goggles.
what do people recommend for an anti-fog coating?
I love my Revision Bullet Ants once I pulled the foam out. The small size and comfort in combination of never fogging makes me a happy camper.
what do people recommend for an anti-fog coating?
Liquid hand soap, buffed with a mircrofiber cloth worked the best for me.
ESS Advancer V12. Best buy I ever made.. so far.
In all my years I have only found one goggle thats worked for me. Flakjaks! I have used soooooo many different types and when they say antifog.. I laugh cause I have even had fan goggles fog! I put out a lot of body heat and that makes them fog up fast for me.. and I cannot really breath through my nose cause I used to kickbox and my nose is mostly smashed shut,lol.. I am now one of the annoying mouth breathers,hahaha.. We cant use mesh at ANY feild anyplace even near me. They arent trusted so ops will not allow them, then small open play games banned them too.. ALL mesh eye protection are banned here! I ended up getting some flakjaks and I have hardly had an issue. I only get fogging when I wear my ghillied boonie hat too low in the front, but if I raise the front, no fog! I totally trust flakjaks! Not to mention they can stand a 22 shooting the lens at 10ft away and they wont allow the bullet to enter the lens! And was also shown in their video a shotgun blasting them from 10ft.. the lenses with held greatly! Now the frames were mangled to hell butt if someone shoots you in the face with a shotty, the frame and lenses are the least of your worries,lol..
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one thing on the Mesh googles you might want to check in on. At the local league around me they also ban pure mesh eye protection, unless you have shooting glasses underneath, a combo which seems to blend full face cover and not interfere with sighting down your rifle.
Mesh goggles are banned by me as well. As are shooting glasses. It is either normal goggles/paintball mask or nothing. You also have to be over a certain age to not wear full head protection. Yes, full head, not just face.
You can use dry bar soap as well. I use areana flakjaks with the vents removed, they've never fogged on me.
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