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Choice of Eyewear

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Hello. What do you find is good eyewear for sniping, (particulary to those who use ghillies)? I currently use clear protective glasses with anti-fog wipes but I find that my eyewear still fogs up alot until I am unable see in a matter of seconds.
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When I buy a new pair of goggles, I clean them with a little bit of toothpaste. Just rub it in dry on both sides of the lens and then rinse. After that, spit works like magic.
Doesn't scratch or dull them at all?
Nope. It's an old cold water diver secret (well, not very secret but still). Use this on all of my dive masks and airsoft mask. Just rub in with your finger and it wont scratch it. Just any old toothpaste will do.
Whoa whoa.. wait a minute,lol.. Not any old toothpaste.. Dont use anything that has abrasives like MOST toothpastes do these days. I think that most all pastes since the 90's have abrasives in them, get cheap dollar tree stuff. If theres baking soda in it, it will scratch. Thats why toothpaste is to effective is due to the tiny little particles in them.
*Shrugs* I've never had an issue, but then I use a plain generic brand toothpaste without any of that "cavity protection" stuff, but that would make sense.
I have also hear of people putting bandaides in them, tucking into the frame. Apparently the vapours from the adhesive do something helpful.
Never heard of that one before. I will have to try that one out sometime.
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