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Choice of Eyewear

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Hello. What do you find is good eyewear for sniping, (particulary to those who use ghillies)? I currently use clear protective glasses with anti-fog wipes but I find that my eyewear still fogs up alot until I am unable see in a matter of seconds.
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I use Bolle X800. I use to fog every pair of goggles I had. Found the with the lens gap (of 2-3 mm) does a great job of letting air circulate! It has to be near raining before these will even hint at fogging, and even then they has to be no wind at all, and I have to be totally still!
I have two team members that run mesh goggles. They have been field tested with a 400+ aeg, full auto, point blank range and have not failed or allowed any bb bits get through. It may have to do with the type of BB being used as well. Most high quality styrene bbs will deform but not shatter.

They use ones called Hero Shark. They are nice but I find for my eyes they tend to dull down the light too much for me!

None of the field I play at have banned mesh!
You should never use woven mesh for anything covering your eyes, they can fail after several hits in the same place! The Hero Shark are stamped, with a good amount of material left. Holes are about 2mm in size.
High quality Woven can take a lot hits at 3 joule point blank. Stamped can break from one hit.
Really? I've seen many woven mesh masks and goggles deform and become useless, but I've never seen or heard of a stamped one failing!
1 - 4 of 76 Posts
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