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Choice of Eyewear

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Hello. What do you find is good eyewear for sniping, (particulary to those who use ghillies)? I currently use clear protective glasses with anti-fog wipes but I find that my eyewear still fogs up alot until I am unable see in a matter of seconds.
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Why would you remove the vents and foam if you want to prevent fogging? The vents are only there to stop fogging.
Because it allows more airflow which reduces fogging.
They are, but if you take the vents out, you make a bigger hole.
Bigger hole = more airflow, more airflow= less fogging. :)
Oh so you are cutting out sections of the vents and the foam. I thought you were just taking all of it off so the goggles would be closer to your face but without any airflow.
Oh those things I don't have. I have holes with some sort of thin cloth to prevent dust from entering uner the holes. The goggles Ijust got are SWDG (sun wind dust goggles). Got them at the army surplus store yesterday. I guess I can cut larger holes or get the fan if needed. Before now I have been using goggles without vents or foam or anything, just the rubber frames and lens.
yeah if you take a utility knife, and cut small holes out of the vent on the top and bottom it should work even better from a ventalation stand point.
I had a pair of them dust goggles, they fogged up on me too,lol..

And I took out my vents on my Flakjaks.that helped way much!
The dust goggles don't seem very practical, plus there's a whole sale website that sells brand new arena flakjaks with the clear and tinted lense for $20 I can't remember it off the top of my head though.
Thats what I paid too. Got them from a local surplus. Out of all the gear I own, the flakjaks were my best investment without a doubt! I wanna get some for my kid soon too.
It was one of those spur of the moment things if I remembered that phrase right. Anywho, it was only 15$ and with lenses that offer ballistic protection for real guns you can't go wrong. came with the clear, tinted, and laser lens.
The only downside of flakjaks is I haven't been able to find a yellow lense :(
Why yellow lens? Personally if it isn't clear or gray tinted it would drive me nuts.
Yellow brightens everything especially in low light
I cant do the yellow lenses either.. I prefer the tinted and clear. I would LOVE to find a transitional lens for em.. That'd be effin sweet!
Especially a prescription lense :D glass suck under goggles >.>
Liquid hand soap, buffed with a mircrofiber cloth worked the best for me.
do you put the soap on the micro fiber or did you spread it around at all with something else?
I use Bolle Contour glasses, never had any problems with fogging.

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I use Bolle Contour glasses, never had any problems with fogging.


I.have been using clear Bolle glasses and.their the ones that keep fogging up.
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