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Choosing a Airsoft DMR

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Ok I know there alot of post on these kinds of topics. But I`m doing this for a friend. He has 250 dollars but can save up. He is look for a good stock Dmr that will be upgrade soon. He would love a H&K but it doesn`t matter. He would be using it from 150 feet plus. My field limit for dmr is 500fps but we could shoot 500 with .25 or .3 no on will know.
I know he would probably be running with .4 or .43 but if it to heavy .36. Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading. :)
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Are you playing on a private field? If not, your not getting my help. Playing at that velocity with .3 BBs gets up there energy wise and that can be unsafe.
What do you mean. My field plays at private and public. His limit is 500 give or take 15. He is allowed to use any gram bb that is not metallic. He would have a engagement rule of like 150 feet. He would need to have a secondary that he already has which is a mp5.
What BB's does your field Chrono with? There's a difference in energy between 500 with .2s, .25s and .3s. 500 with .2s is 2.34J, .25s is 2.92J, and .3s is 3.5J. I cannot consciously help you without knowing what energy limit your public field is set up for out of the nature of safety alone.
500 with .2 Give or take 15. Engagement rule is 150 if yours shoot that hot. Just to remind you this is my friend gun not mine. His private field is just a bunch of friend that vote on the fps. And by the way stupid question but how do you measure joule is there like a calculator. I`m going to google it right now.
Joules Is KE=1/2M(V*V), how ever, the mass is in kilograms, and the velocity is in M/S. Airsoft Weights in this equation is like .000X. Ideally for that power level, he'll want to be reaching 416FPS with .29 SGMs. He can vary that depending if he wants to use different weight BB's, but I'd personally be using .27 Biovals, .29s SGMs, .3 Biovals, or maybe G&G .28s if I was using a DMR, but accuracy is key here, so I'd leave that for a last ditch ammo source. Does he have a budget, if so, what can he spend?
He has 250 to spend. But can save up. So should I tell him to use ksc perfect .3?
I don't like KSC .3s consistency. If he isn't willing to spend the money on quality ammo he shouldn't even attempt this build.
Okay But I heard Biovals were too hard. Sounds weird but is this true? Ok so after the ammo and fps talk can someone request a gun please. I dont want to sound mean this thread is going in the opposite direction I intended.
Meh, people complain about the .27s being too hard but if you play within the ratings of your eyewear you should be fine. At this point, I'd recommend a JG M16 Enhanced, should run him around 150-165 by the gun itself at the time, or an ICS Sportline M16A3, both can be solid platforms.
Ok thank you.
I spent a little more money on mine and went with a g&g m14 veteran. Don't know Fps yet, but I've shot .30's so far and it does pretty decent well past 100ft. Supposed to shoot mid 400's with .20's. I paid $355 for mine from .
save up and get a KWA SR12, I just teched one for a friend of mine and it is nasty, worth the money.
newbie said:
save up and get a KWA SR12, I just teched one for a friend of mine and it is nasty, worth the money.
Until something of proprietary design breaks and then you are stock with the same poorly designed part.
I agree with newbie. SR12

poorly designed part? sh!t.

I can tell you at least a dozen other top AEG manufactures who have poorly designed internal parts.
Good thing about G&P's, G&G's, Classic Army, JG, ECHO 1, TM's etc., is all the upgrade parts you can purchase to improve durability and performance. The bad thing about all those is my KWA's still out perform them. I have one G&P that shoots damn close to my KWA's, but I dropped in new gears, piston, mosfet, promy barrel, SCS nub, promy bucking, SP110 spring.

G&G M14's are nice after some internal work & upgrading is completed. It has a good 250ft range.
Very accurate at 200ft. My stock KWA SR10 can hit the same target at 200ft, but does not have the 250ft range (stock KWA). The M14 has a flatter, more direct shot at 200ft.

500fps with .30's = OUCH!
Do you know how many broken KWA 2GX boxes I've seen? Lots. Same with the gears. They're only good stock? Just like Mac computers. KWA hasn't done anything innovative to impress me with AEGs. The only thing that's actually somewhat impressive is to make a more reliable FF 2-F HU.
I believe you've seen multiple broken 2GX gear boxes.

Myself, I have seen one SR10 not working properly, because the owner tried to modify the internals
and one KM4 the sector gear broke on it twice. Think the second time, a local "tech" did not install
something correctly. Gun was sent back to KWA and has worked great ever since.

Some people are great experiences with one brand and a poor one with another brand.
My experience has been excellent with the four KWA's I own. Not so good with the G&P's,
and Classic Army. Fair with the G&G. I have had way more issues with their internals
and a ton of compatibility issues with internal upgrade parts, especially on the G&P's and CA's.

KWA pistols on the other hand. I hear how great they are and mine keeps loosing the ball bearing hop up nub. Pistol shoots like crap without that one little ball bearing bb.
G&P internals are crap so that explains that. CA is more off-spec than KWA, G&Gs I've had trouble with the piston rails, but sanding helped with that. I do very much like their Gas weapons, however, something always goes wrong with them upon release.
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