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Choosing a Stock

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Hey guys, I am back into my sniping role here again, but this time have decided to go with an SR-25/M110 Platform. I have a few questions about which stocks you guys use, and want to get opinions.

I am torn between using a collapsible stock on the SR-25, or going towards a fixed stock. Maybe even a Magpul PRS Stock.

The stock I choose determines my battery space and all that, which if I do have a fixed stock, than I can run a larger MAH battery, or a Lipo. The PRS offer superior cheek weld, and shooting platform.

What do you guys run and why?
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It doesnt really matter which stock you use unless you have a problem with the lenght of the fixed stock. The fixed stock will probably look more realistic for a sniper system. I'm not a DMR person, this is just my opinion.
Yes, but also taking into consideration (Should have included it in the original post) I am running a DevGru impression, and most of there overwatch/sniper support is done within buildings and cities. This is where the retractable stock comes in as an advantage. I also play in tight quarter scenarios, so it would help me, but I also lose battery space.
Yeah but you would need the stock for stability of the shot so contracting it small would reduce accuracy. Unless you are small enough that having it contracted feels normal.
True True, but I would mainly have it on the lowest setting just for movement in buildings, once I set a perimeter, and established a stronghold, I would get in my FFP and adjust the stock to my needs depending on shooting position.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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