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Christmas Wish

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Let's see all that new airsoft equipment that you guys got for Christmas!
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I didn't get anything for airsoft.

Well I did get a magnetic bowl for my screws, and what not when I rip into a rifle. So I guess that would count.
Being this is a gallery thread, I should get some pictures up, but in the meantime, I will just say it.

Toolbox...after losing a record number of allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and nubbings, fuzzy got a toolbox which should help alleviate the problem.
Nothing for airsoft for me as well, but I did get a portable heater so I don't freeze to death when working outside in my garage.
I got a multi-tool from my dad. He got it as a gift from work and regifted it to me.
I am also going to get a set of BDUs from my parents this week, I just have to go with my dad so I get the size right. I'll probably get a can of green gas from them tool. ^_^

Merry Christmas!!
Got a new HPA tank, drag bag, and nalgene pouch!!
I got a WE-tech m9, I had to buy it myself tho, and I bought it yesterday.

I still think it counts as a christmas gift.
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Well didn't get either of these on Xmas, but figured this would be a good spot for them

MY CA Spr....
Got a Systema M130 spring put in here. Lubed everything up and she is good to go. Went down to try and try a few test shots....... and no go. So either I have the motor hooked up wrong, or I need a stronger battery/motor. So still a little more work to do on her.

Then there is the We 1911
I took my pistols apart to just clean them up and work on them a little bit. So while I was inside I found a spare barrel I had laying around and made it fit. So now the inner barrel is over twice as long as the original, has a nineball VSR bucking inside, and then of course the carbon fiber shroud.

Man when this thing fires it is awesome. It makes a really small thud. The only thing that I need to do with this pistol, is probably a high flow valve, and a stiffer return spring.

So here is a pic of the Silent Sisters.

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New TM L96 :)

Sorry about picture quality lighting is pretty bad.
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Nice rifle.....

Now get into it and get a review up and going with it.
Will do after taking the photos I have just noticed the front sling mount is really loose after opening her up the front sling mount I have removed because a tiny piece of metal has broke off. Wont be using a sling anyway and will only fix it if I think I need one.
Also new TM 5-7

With a BlackHawk Serpa Holster

Woogie how did you get the supressor to fit like that on your SPR?
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Scotty, that pistol is sexy as hell. I cannot stop looking at it. Do you plan on getting a few extra mags for her in the future?

And the TM l96 looks like a fine rifle. Would look complete externally with a harris style bipod, but other than that, it looks great. Would love to see a review like Woogie said.

Woogie, I am really liking the SPR with that suppressor on there. Looks very slick and smooth. Not liking the pistol so much with the suppressor but to each their own.

Overall, looks really good you guys. Keep up the good work ;)
Ye extra mags hopefully on the way in the next few weeks.

And ye I think your right about the bi-pod, can allways borrow the harris off of my SPR :)

Will get some pics of my new concealment suit abit later.
I did some milling on it...... will talk about it on the thread about the rifle and pistol....
Well, my parents had to ask me exactly what I wanted so they gave me mony to order:
3 color desert BDUs and boonie
TM Vsr-10 pro
130 spring
4-32 scope
Tac. Bipod
Electric tape

Battle belt and harness tan

I had to promise I would get nothing for my birthday from them but its plenty worth it. It will be here next week.
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What my girl got me for Christmas:

the solid black G&G M14.

She saw how much I enjoyed my buddies M14 (camo one) she wanted me to duplicate his rifle.

Later she told me that she googled M14's and they ranged in price from $150-3000. She had no idea which one to buy me. I told her the $3000 (real steal) would of been great! lol.
Smart girl though, she checked the history and found a link to Airsoft GI. Called them and they helped her out, plus ensured her it would arrive before Christmas.

I was very happy. I have some upgrade parts in my parts box already.
Stock it's shooting 357fps and is already shooting fairly well, but it's an M14! Must be upgraded to a "dmr". :)
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Cannot wait to see what you do with it explosive, expecting some pictures ;)

Congrats on the new rifle.
I got a Socom Gear R700. I'll get pics up tomorrow. Gonna go to sleep early tonight
Well I got a G&P 552 holosight, a KWA MKIV 1911, a condor gunbag, and a magpul foregrip for my dmr. :)
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