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What my girl got me for Christmas:

the solid black G&G M14.

She saw how much I enjoyed my buddies M14 (camo one) she wanted me to duplicate his rifle.

Later she told me that she googled M14's and they ranged in price from $150-3000. She had no idea which one to buy me. I told her the $3000 (real steal) would of been great! lol.
Smart girl though, she checked the history and found a link to Airsoft GI. Called them and they helped her out, plus ensured her it would arrive before Christmas.

I was very happy. I have some upgrade parts in my parts box already.
Stock it's shooting 357fps and is already shooting fairly well, but it's an M14! Must be upgraded to a "dmr". :)
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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