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Classic Army M16 + P* Engine?

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I want my next project to be a DMR. I was thinking about using a CA M16 as the base gun and then dropping a PolarStar engine(obvi when it comes out) into it. I know that the engines are compatible with TM/clones, but what about CA? Is CA a copy of TM?

Thanks in advance,
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When you buy your P*, buy it from Amped Airsoft. Their customer service is honestly the best I've ever had with an airsoft site. I'm not trying to advertise, just let others know about my experience. Their customer service rep, Kurtis, is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and will respond to emails within a few hours. They are a small, very well managed business, and their customer service reflects that. Also, when I ordered my PR-15, I received a Polarstar patch and two Amped Airsoft patches for free! If you buy one, get it from Amped Airsoft.
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