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Classic Army M16 + P* Engine?

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I want my next project to be a DMR. I was thinking about using a CA M16 as the base gun and then dropping a PolarStar engine(obvi when it comes out) into it. I know that the engines are compatible with TM/clones, but what about CA? Is CA a copy of TM?

Thanks in advance,
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Last I checked CA use to be a clone of TM, but I'm not sure if the specs are still the same as they have so many internal issues with tolerances I wouldn't be suprised if it would fit. I do know that G&P and VFC will fit.
wolfgeorge said:
Basically the CA is slightly out of spec compared to TM but I've seen P* GB in CA.

I'd like to see this as they aren't released publically yet (last time I checked) and only a few were released for beta testing and such.
toomanybbs said:
woogie said:
Hasn't the P* gearbox supose to be coming out like every month now. It seems like when it gets closer to the "release date" that they move it back for some reason.
Shortyusa has te PR-15 and like. Waiting for the individual fusion engine now.
Yup, their local to me and P*. They still have the fusion engine for pre-order which is why I'm questioning George on the subject.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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