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Classic Army M24 LTR Bolt Wobble

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Good afternoon,

I have recently taken on a CA M24 LTR for a buddy while he is in basic. The rifle has a loose bolt, and I mainly work with AEGs. The pins that hold the rear assembly in seem to be too short, and I can't find anything about this on the internet. How would I fix this?
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I recommend that you try punching them out and putting in new ones, but they should be a tight fit or else there won't be an improvement.
If you get that far, slather the end piece and the end of the inside of the cylinder with the strongest Loctite you can find, then assemble everything and peen over the ends of the pins with a hammer.
I did something very similar to a cylinder on a customer's rifle, and it worked very well after a few thousand rounds at high power he said.
Idk how long term is, but that's long term enough that I'd recommend it to you.

Where would you recomend sourcing parts?
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The pinns are oriented like so:
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I don't quite know how to explain it, so here is a picture. The loose part is circled in red.
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Thanks for the help.

I have no idea what spring is in it, it's a friends rifle. I think it's stock, but the spring is around 3/4'' shorter then the cylinder, giving it some dead space in the pull.

I don't own a chrono, but the range suggests around 400-420 fps. The internals are pretty roughed up. The barrel is standard stock, the bucking is squished in an oval, the hopup lets bbs into the space in front of the cylinder, and nearly every other screw is stripped.
I'm fixing it as a gift for when he gets out of basic (Tn National Guard). I think the wear is from highly forceful use, as it is uneven per pin & spot.
I was thinking about using it, but I primarily use my carbine.
Thanks. And thak-you for all your help, I really needed it.
That's definitely stronger than loctite. I'll see what I can do.
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