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I was cleaning the barrel of my SVD yesterday and the cleaning rod was too short to go end to end. I ended up with a collection of black sludge halfway up the barrel (I was cleaning from one end and then the other, all the muck got pushed to the centre).
I thought up all sorts of things to extend the rod or to make some sort of pull through. It was the simplest one that worked the best...

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Some heavy weight fishing line with cleaning cloth tied along its length.
The line needs to be about three or four times the length of the barrel.
Push the line through the barrel first, before tying on the cloth.
Use whatever metal cleaner/polish you like (I used Ciff/Jiff cooker cleaner).
The wider you cut the strips of cloth the bigger the knot will be and the tougher it'll be to pull each knot through.
I was thinking of making a five metre one and tying it between two trees, then I just walk the barrel back and forth a few times and the jobs done.
Or, you could just buy a longer cleaning rod

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Awesome. The only rod I can find is an airgun rod made of metal with just nothing on top of it, I am not sure I want to use that (unless I cover the metal rod in tape, that would do it).

I happen to have strong fishing line right here, a good idea yours is :)

I used this method yesterday and it works great. Remember to make the cloth pieces small enough to enter the barrel, otherwise they will jam right before entering and the line will break.

I tied one end of the line on a column and pulled the other one with my left hand, while moving the barrel back and forth through it the 4-5 pieces of cloth. Amazing results. When the pieces came back black I cut the line, made another set of 5 pieces and tied it back to the original line. Very quick and effective. I used stainless steel polishing paste (the one used for bikes and other cool-factor ride mobiles) and it worked wonders. Since this was my first barrel polish I was amazed at how many times the pieces of cloth came back covered in BLACK.

Looking through the barrel is now as shiny as a 007 modern movie intro sequence.

I did not use any wax because the feeling from the pieces of cloth into the barrel was incredibly smooth already and I did not want to risk it by doing something more. Less is more :)

I replaced my pierced KA bucking, installed a new one and this time I lubed the hell out of the entire hop up exteriors. Looking good, I hope I can do some plink-o-rama soon :)
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