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Cleaning up the boards

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The moderators on this board will be cleaning up all the old threads and topics in any section to ensure that only good information is left on here, any old questions or things that are now rendered useless are subject to be deleted.
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i don't think you should delete posts because someone is bound to find it useful, somehow

just lock them!
I beleive that we do need to clean up but not delete most of the older posts. We need to keep this forum more of an archive than a general forum. This site could be a very good source for information on JUST the topic of airsoft Sniper/Counter-sniping. I like the idea of cleaning it up and helping pinpoint the focus on these subjects.

Also, I think we need a variety of threads. Sniper Gear(Gear Name List ex: Ghillie Suits, DM Camo, Optics, Misc., Ect. ), Bolt Action Rifles (Brand Name List ex:Maruzen, Tanaka, KJW, Tokyo Marui - VSR, Classic Army - M24, Ect.), Long Range AEGs (Brand Name List ex:Tokyo Marui - PSG-1, Classic Army SPR/SR25, Ect. ), Sidearms (Brand/Model Listing: 1911-TM, WE, WA,Ect.)

I also believe we need Upgrading/Repair threads and Tutorials. THOSE threads I believe need the discussion to take place.

This is just what Ive been thinking about. Ive though about creating a simple but informational site specifically on the big named guns. With full breakdown of the rifle. What you NEED to upgrade and what you CAN upgrade. Oversea/U.S.A. sites with the parts needed for upgrading. I dont have enough experience to provide all this information and dont want to have the responsibility of relaying incorrect information.

These are just idea I believe could help this community to thrive and hopefully pull some of the people considering purchasing the the quick UTG sniper rifle and actually finding those die-hards out there that want to fill the entire role not just have a Rifle that flings a BB at a high FPS.
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Well, anything with useless information is deleted. Anything that holds information that could help someone else out we have left, but basicly just the small things and dumb questions we've cleaned up. If someone has a question they can always ask it again.
Over the next few weeks, as I find time, I will be deleting useless posts/threads, as well as moving threads to the appropriate section. The main thing being moved will be the VSR clone threads that have been posted in the TM VSR section will be moved to the appropriate "clone rifle" section.
Alright thanks man. This forum has been relatively clean and we owe it all to you mods.

Thanks alot :)
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