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I beleive that we do need to clean up but not delete most of the older posts. We need to keep this forum more of an archive than a general forum. This site could be a very good source for information on JUST the topic of airsoft Sniper/Counter-sniping. I like the idea of cleaning it up and helping pinpoint the focus on these subjects.

Also, I think we need a variety of threads. Sniper Gear(Gear Name List ex: Ghillie Suits, DM Camo, Optics, Misc., Ect. ), Bolt Action Rifles (Brand Name List ex:Maruzen, Tanaka, KJW, Tokyo Marui - VSR, Classic Army - M24, Ect.), Long Range AEGs (Brand Name List ex:Tokyo Marui - PSG-1, Classic Army SPR/SR25, Ect. ), Sidearms (Brand/Model Listing: 1911-TM, WE, WA,Ect.)

I also believe we need Upgrading/Repair threads and Tutorials. THOSE threads I believe need the discussion to take place.

This is just what Ive been thinking about. Ive though about creating a simple but informational site specifically on the big named guns. With full breakdown of the rifle. What you NEED to upgrade and what you CAN upgrade. Oversea/U.S.A. sites with the parts needed for upgrading. I dont have enough experience to provide all this information and dont want to have the responsibility of relaying incorrect information.

These are just idea I believe could help this community to thrive and hopefully pull some of the people considering purchasing the the quick UTG sniper rifle and actually finding those die-hards out there that want to fill the entire role not just have a Rifle that flings a BB at a high FPS.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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