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CM701C-U Upgraded Model

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I came across the new cyma vsr10 on taiwangun and my question is, will these internals withstand the 560 fps spring it comes with? It has an aluminum piston and 90 degree trigger. I added a picture of the internals below. CM.701C-U Upgraded Version 560 FPS - Wooden Style [CYMA] | TaiwanGun US & EU
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I think it will last pretty long, but obviously not forever.

By the looks of it the cylinder is made of steel, so that will not break.
The cylinder head is brass, but brass cylinder heads don't break unless it's bad fitment and the threads get stripped off.
Piston should last pretty long. It'll wear out someday, but it will last a really long time even if it's looking very worn. Just keep cleaning it and greasing everything.
Spring guide should be fine, but that may break. Probably not, but don't rule that out over time.
And for the trigger and spring, I'd say it's a 50/50 chance of which goes first. Cheap springs don't last as long as PDI or Rapax, but the spring guide stopper may also wear though, the sear surfaces may wear away, the sears or sgs may snap, a spring may break(easy replacement usually), and there may be a breakage or major wear in the box itself.
I've been learning to treat more things like consumables as it's not worth worrying about a $15 mag breaking if I'm going to get $200 of fun out of it while it lasts. Sort of a weird example, but it's better to not get caught up on worrying if the thing is as cheap as this gun, as you could buy an upgrade or SSG10 part to replace broken stuff, and run the thing HARD since you won't have much sunk into it.
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Honestly cyma is pretty good overall,

Wouldn't trust the spring to stay at that power long will likely drop, but when buying any rifle you should plan to replace the spring anyway.

Reckon trigger is most likely thing to go first but if you used the correct spring with a good airseal will probably last awhile, again when it goes either buy a cheap spare replacement and repeat the cycle or buy a high end that will last.

It seems like a good base to replace as it breaks which should be slowly over time.

Also 50 round mag apparently.
Staandard CYMA mag is 55 rounds.

People complain about them, but the two I had were fine.
I'd just get the ASG, Slong, or AA ones tho as they hold the same amount, but they're clear and are made of much stronger plastic.
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