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The old thread was getting a bit cluttered, so here is the new one!

If you have been wondering where the link to my site has gone, never fear, it is still in my sig, click the picture.

If you have any questions about CMI, this is the space to do it.

Now, I have been working on some small parts through Shapeways. VSR hop arms compatible with the Hunterseeker Armories M and EM nubs are available, in both normal adjustment versions, as well as a version specifically for the TDC adjustor. Due to Shapeways tolerance issues, we cannot guarantee that it will drop straight in, it may require some small measure of filing. Versions with an SCS nub incorporated are on their way.

I am also selling my anti-flex plates as well as PDI hop chamber shims, hand made out of copper, so if you are interested let me know. Pricing is on my site, and is, I believe, quite reasonable. The PDI hop unit shims allow you to use only one of the two hop arms on the PDI chamber, I have found that in some cases that helps your accuracy a little bit. Because they are all made to order, let me know if you have any special requests.

CMI also now offers AEG tech services. The website is being renovated currently, but due to the fact that I brought on a new partner, we are now offering the same, high quality work on AEGs. On ASM (Airsoft Mechanics) he is known as xtestifyx, and having vetted his work, I am proud to welcome him under the CMI banner.

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Any news on that drop in LRB you were talking about before? Had to ask, it's been a while.
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