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Cnc work?

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Hey all,
After installing a AC precision hopup chamber into my jg Gspec, I am finding the fit and tolerances much improved over the stock unit. I went with the AC unit because I still wanted access to the quick adjust lever, but I will now have to fight the shot hooking that vsr's are known for. One of the disappointing things about the AC chamber is that it did not come with aluminum arms/the rest of the hardware that is contained in the hopup assembly, which I think would have made the whole package function much better. My questions:

1. Does anyone make a steel version of the slider arms that link the external adjuster arm with the hopup arm?

2. What kind of fabrication Process would be needed to make them (although I am a fairly capable craftsman when it comes to woodworking, metalwork is still largely a mystery if I cant do it with a file)

3. What would it cost to have something like that fabricated?

4. What type of metal would be best for the purpose.

My reasoning being that with a metal armature, I could lose most of the flex of the plastic parts, and gain a longer, stiffer tab that would extend through the hopup arm slot, thereby reducing lateral flex. I plan to mate this assembly with a Dangerwerx A type hop arm (rifle has to shoot sub 450fps) in the end.

Thanks for the help all!
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I think it would be much simpler to do the TDC (Top Dead Center) modification. There's a sticky about it, and it's pretty well used.
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Look for dangerworks hop arms... they are a great piece of kit.
I plan to mate this assembly with a Dangerwerx A type hop arm (rifle has to shoot sub 450fps) in the end.

Thanks for the help all!
:tup:I believe you probably saw that; isn't ASGI the only distributor of DangerWerx?
Look for dangerworks hop arms... they are a great piece of kit.
Hot damn, take this advice.

The type B arm, a PDI W-hold bucking and a nice TBB and your VSR will shoot lasers.
I am very averse to cutting a TDC into my gun, just because Im not a big fan of the look. I want to eventually place a 18 in Ris along the top of the barrel, and would rather just avoid tapping the barrel with this in place. Is the DW type B arm preferred to the A type for a sub 450 fps gun? I don't want to jam at 5% Hop.
Yeah Cube, I know ASGI is the only distributor, I'll have to order one. Im thinking I'll get both types just to test.
MGunner, whats the skinny on the w-hold hop rubber? I haven't heard of it.

any word on the machining, folks?
The type of arm has no relation to fps rather what type of bucking you are using. If you have a bucking with a nub style of \/ \/ (as in a Firefly, or a MGunner said the PDI W-hold) then get the flat nub arm(type B), however if your nub is more like the stock configuration, or a Nineball, like this ')' (picture that turned 90* to the right) arm, use the type A.

In regards to the TDC mod, you could remove the head of the screw sticking up if you used a grub screw instead*(credit to CheeseMan for the idea) and then either leave it dialed in with the bb weight of your choice, or drill a small hole just large enough for an allen key in the RIS to be able to adjust the hop.
You could modify your normal hopup to take AEG barrels. This would mean that you can rotate your barrelto the left just a notch and this eliminates the right hand curve.
Check out: (about half way down the page)
The custom work continues. Still looking for a way to cnc the metal parts I need, but in the meantime my laminate stock is coming along well.
Son no sooner did I get the custom stock finished than the hop up broke. Just as I thought, the flimsy plastic slider that interacts with the hop up arm snapped, rendering it useless.
Its kind of odd that noone makes these parts, as far as I have found, as they are so weak. anyway, I was lucky to have a bunch of scrap metal left over from the body project, so i set to work. Looks like I wont have to get someone else to machine me a set, as the build is goiing well, but it sure is annoying.
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