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Cnc work?

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Hey all,
After installing a AC precision hopup chamber into my jg Gspec, I am finding the fit and tolerances much improved over the stock unit. I went with the AC unit because I still wanted access to the quick adjust lever, but I will now have to fight the shot hooking that vsr's are known for. One of the disappointing things about the AC chamber is that it did not come with aluminum arms/the rest of the hardware that is contained in the hopup assembly, which I think would have made the whole package function much better. My questions:

1. Does anyone make a steel version of the slider arms that link the external adjuster arm with the hopup arm?

2. What kind of fabrication Process would be needed to make them (although I am a fairly capable craftsman when it comes to woodworking, metalwork is still largely a mystery if I cant do it with a file)

3. What would it cost to have something like that fabricated?

4. What type of metal would be best for the purpose.

My reasoning being that with a metal armature, I could lose most of the flex of the plastic parts, and gain a longer, stiffer tab that would extend through the hopup arm slot, thereby reducing lateral flex. I plan to mate this assembly with a Dangerwerx A type hop arm (rifle has to shoot sub 450fps) in the end.

Thanks for the help all!
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You could modify your normal hopup to take AEG barrels. This would mean that you can rotate your barrelto the left just a notch and this eliminates the right hand curve.
Check out: (about half way down the page)
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