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Hello guys. I have looked every where possible. YouTube, internet, and this forum to better understand co2 and hpa set ups. I’m a bit confused.

I have a JG bar-10 that I want to convert to air. Is it possible to run both co2(12g) and hpa? Hope it’s not a stupid question. If so can somebody point me to all the parts I will need. I play a lot with local friends and some events. I want to be able to regulate FPS. I was thinking of ordering a manKraft SDiK has conversion kit(co2 12g) because it seems like I might be able to add other components to run hpa(on a regulator) as well. This would be the set up I would like if possible. Once again, complete noob to has/hpa conversion and really appreciate the time and the help.

If doable can somebody point me to the parts I need to make this happen. Thank you very much.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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