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When you run CO2 at a cold temp you should still be fine as even at Freezing temp 0C (32F) CO2 still has a pressure around 475 psi. That is before the regulator, so if your regulator is set to 150 psi and your CO2 is at 475 psi it should have no problem maintaining the 150 psi output. Unless you are firing at an insane rate like 8 bb's a second insane.

If you are getting liquid CO2 past your regulator then that is where you are having problems. If there is Liquid CO2 in your line and it starts to expand that is the time where you could possibility start shooting very hot. As it can expand up to its highest pressure depending on temp ( 850 psi @ 21c[75F], 475 psi @ 0C[32F] ). But your regulator will prevent liquid CO2 from entering into your lines or gun so your good on that point.
also keep in mind your psi dosent really matter too much if you don't have volume.
you can have all the psi in the world but if you dont have volume dosent do much good. Likw these 13cu hpa little bottles you see. Yah you may have 3000psi, but you don have any volume for you to last 3 mags.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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