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Recently for a few months now I have been doing research on what sniper rifle to get and how to go about upgrading it, all my potential projects have been out of budget until when I recently stumbled across the mancraft Co2/HPA vsr conversion kit, this kit will mean I have ajustable FPS and a very consistent FPS with out putting hundreds of pounds into the mechanical side of the gun.

This is my current plan:

TM VSR 10 PRO £175
SDiK conversion kit £92.5
Regulator with manometer £35
12g CO2 Adaptor £12.95
Barrel Spacers £15
VSR High Engagement Hop Lever £20

I will tune it to 500FPS and use 0.40g bb's with it.

Although I know this will not get me the range of a super tuned spring rifle. Most of the reviews I have read say that the TM hop up and barrel are very good.

I want to know your opinions on this kind of set up (Co2) and any recommendations for me. Do you have any idea what kind of range I will get?


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Not that I am experienced at all, but after reading almost every VSR-upgrade thread, might I recommend following one of the many homemade barrel spacers DIY mod tutorials. According to others (I am yet to experience) but 100% of the time, it works better.

I don't mean to venture from your C02 question, but saving the 15 euro on the barrel spacer makes the C02 adapter nearly free (minus the cost of duct tape/electrical tape for the homemade version).

No idea about the C02 but I hope I could be of little help!

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Make the Barrel spacers out of Masking tape. Not electrical tape.

Wrap 1 layer of Masking tape around the barrel with the sticky side facing outwards (This is so your barrel spacer is not permanently stuck on to your inner barrel). Then with the adhesive sides facing each other (So it is not sticky on the outside) wrap the Masking tape and around and around the inner barrel until it fits snugly into your outer barrel.
Do not use electrical tape as it stretches under tension and then it move by itself. Masking tape does not stretch.
It is normally advisable to have 2-3 spacers in your barrel.
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