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CO2 rig part construction?

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Ok, so I understand how to tap a mag for transforming it into a hpa or co2 system, but I do not understand all the little parts that are neccessary for the build, nor do I understand the order they go in and why they go in that order. Does any know of a guide that can enlighten me? I've read most of the tapping guides, but they don't go into depth on the matter of putting it all together. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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Basically, it goes like this:

HPA/CO2 Tank -> Regulator w/ gauge -> coiled hose -> quick disconnect -> 1/8 fitting into magazine

You could also run a smaller, secondary regulator after the main regulator.

Here's a link to a nice regulator:

If you bought that, you would need a tank, a bit of macro-line, a 1/8 fitting to go into your mag.

Here's the fitting that would work:

Of course, there are many variations of different fittings you could use. It would most likely be cheaper to build it ground up. It would also fit your needs also.

If you are a member of Classic Airsoft, there's a guy there that sells everything that you would possibly need. His rig is double regulated.

If you need any other specifics, feel free to PM me.

EDIT: If you need to know what tools are needed for tapping, all you need is a 1/8 NPT tap, a drill, and some teflon tape. Hope all of this helps some.
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Instead of a tank can I plug one of these straight into the reg and use capsuls?: =1-3

Some more questiones: are there thin hoses that can be used? I don't like the idea of a huge coiled hose, because I want to attach it to the gun not to me. How do you know what fittings to use? Where does a second regulator go? Is it a special quick disconect? Can I buy the fittings from my local hardware store? Thanks again.
Yep, you can use that and screw it straight into a regulator just like a mini tank. It won't be as consistent as HPA, but it will be a ton better than green gas.

You can definitely use some macro-line rather than the coiled hose. I used to run a 12 gram CO2 rig that was attached to the top of my scope via scope rings.

You could try to incorporate a secondary reg, but it would be hard without it on you. It would go after the primary regulator, but before the magazine fitting.

I don't think you'd be able to find the fittings at a hardware store, but definitely a paintball shop. If not, I'd recommend ordering from Palmers, or McMaster Carr.

Hopefully this is starting to help. May I ask what kind of rifle your rigging it up to?
Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S. Its already upgraded with new seals and heavy magazine striker/impact plates as well as the KA conversion and multiple other things.

So atm the rig would look like this:
Quick change co2 adapter -> Reg. with guage -> fitting -> 2nd reg -> Straight Micro line fitting -> Macro line -> Straight Micro line fitting -> QD fitting -> 1/8 fitting into mag

Micro line with fittings would look like this?: item4aaa8b67d7

Would this work for the 1st reg?:
The above reg says it has dual stage does that mean it illiminates the need for 2 regs?

And the second reg is smaller? Where would I buy the 2nd reg for fine tunning? What fitting would I use from the 1st reg to the 2nd reg?
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According to this video:
This is the second reg used in the magnum cold shot system:
This is the first reg with the quick change adapter used in the magnum cold shot:
All thats needed in between is the macro line and fittings. What do you think? This rig is like an exact coppy of the magnum cold shot
. I just don't understand all the different fitting measurments.
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That set-up looks like it's in the correct order.

The fittings look good, but if they aren't 1/8, then I would get some 1/8 ones. They are more common for paintball and readily available.

I've never experienced or heard anything about that regulator, but you best bet would probably be a Palmer's reg.

Not sure how good the ColdShot rigs were (don't make them anymore), but I heard that they were kind of inconsistent. They also had plastic screws, which stripped easy.

Whenever I had my rig, I ordered all of the fittings and everything from Palmer's Pursuit. They have just about any kind of fitting you could imagine. I would still recommend their pre-assembled rig though, because there's less to think about. They have a few of them under the airsoft section.
I see what you mean about a pre-assembled rig, but I want to make my own so I can understand it better. Plus, making my own will probably save me money and will conform to my wants/needs. I have scratched the whole idea of recreating the magnum cold shot and have made a diagram on Paint for you to check out, just to make sure im doing it correctly I also switched parts and I am mostly following the guide Brainplay made on AirsoftForum. Here is the diagram:

Here is a list of the parts, the numbers correspond to the numbers on the diagram:
1. Quick change 12g co2
2. ASA female tank cap:
3. CP gauge 0-160psi:
4. CP Short Style reg w/gauge port:
5. Macro line
6. QD set female and male:
I have a couple more questions:
1. How do you attach the fittings to macro line, also do I use pipe to go from the reg to the gauge via. the gauge port?
2. The question mark on the diagram represents my question "what fitting do I use there?"
3. The break in period for a CP reg, would that fluctuation still be better than that of propane.
4. What do you think of this rig setup?
Thanks again for your awesome input! I am very thankful for your assistance.
Good job on the diagram. That really helps out. It looks like the Co2 needs to be fed into the regulator from the bottom where there are male threads. I would get a 1/8 to ASA converted fitting and run it like this:

Quick change -> ASA Tank Cap -> 1/8 to ASA fitting (routed to bottom of regulator) -> Regulator -> Macro-line (out of side of regulator) -> Small A-10 Regulator -> More Macro-line -> Quick Disconnect -> Magazine

That looks to be how the regulator works. I've never personally handled that regulator though. Just make sure that the CO2 feeds into the bottom of the regulator, there's a hole on the side for a gauge, and another hole on the other side for the macro-line.

Now for the questions:

1. For the fittings to work with the macro-line, you have to buy a special fitting. It has threads on one end and on the other end, it has a slip fit that you push the macro-line into. Here's a pic of what it looks like:

2. What I said above hopefully solved/ cleared this up

3. Even with the reg being broken in, it should still have a noticeable increase in consistency of propane.

4. I think that this could be a nice compact set-up. I would still run a small A-10 regulator down the macro-line maybe to just help the consistency a bit.

I know some of this is hard to explain and gets confusing. Feel free to post more questions if you run into some other questions, or decide to change up your plan a little. Happy to help!
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Thanks again wesley, but I have had another change of mind. I remeber first joining this forum and going to the gallery page. There I found a post by egalsim; it was his kjw with a super small co2 rig using a palmers rock reg. I just remembered all of this and I might do it that way since this is my first rig and atm simple is better(as long as it performs well, but its Palmers so no worry ;))
Here is the thread link:
The rig is aprox. 1/2 of the page down. Im still going to use the tank cap and qd co2 12g adapter that I mentioned earlier. Im using almost all Palmers parts except for QD fittings and Macro line.
I still have a few questions though:
1. Can I use this fitting as the fitting into the mag? Its 1/8 male-1/8male and then id fit a 1/8 to 10-32 female to female and then finally fit the 10-32 qd fitting.

link for 1/8-1/8 male:

link for 1/8 to 10-32 female:

2. The Rock reg comes with a 10-32 barb. Can I plug that into the macro line?

3. should I use this tap by palmers:
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1. Yes, I would definitely recommend running a 1/8 fitting into the mag just because that's usually the standard. From there on though, the sky is the limit. There are so many different combinations of fittings and things that would be possible with these rigs. That's the beauty of building them up from scratch. One thing that I dealt with though with the elbow on my mag is that it likes to spin if if hit something or the rig gets moved around (changing CO2). I eventually just change mine out to a straight 1/8 male to 1/8 female.

2. I'm not sure what size macro-line would fit that barb, but I'm pretty sure they make a size that can. One thing I would be concerned with is the ability to put a gauge on the Rock Reg. I don't think there's a spot for one. You could use a standard Palmer's Reg and run it like this if you wanted. It would only be a tad bit larger.

Quick Change CO2 -> ASA Tank Cap -> 1/8 Elbow -> 1-8 to ASA Adapter -> Palmer's Standard Reg -> ...

I know the 1/8 Elbow and 1/8 to ASA Adapter sound funny, but if you draw it out on paper, it will make sense. These are just allowing you to have the Quick Change side-by-side with the Palmer's Reg for a lower profile (will fit in a cheek rest). You could definitaly do what egalsim did and make it smaller and easier. It might be harder to adjust pressure to your need though. A chrono would help out a lot with this build.

3. You can just get a tap from ACE hardware and drill a hole in the correct size and tap it following a guide online. This tap from Palmer's does include a tap wrench and the correct drill bit, so it would ensure that it's done correct. Depending on how well you think you could tap it, I would choose either.
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I chose this reg because it was cheap but still did a good job. What if I got a double sided female 10-32 tree and then used a 10-32->1/8 fitting? Could I rig the gauge on one side and have the output for the macroline on the other side?
10-32 tree:
In the description for the gauge it says 1/8 NPT connection, do you think thats a male for female connection?
Thanks again for this awesome help :),
I agree about it being cheap and doing a good job. I've actually seen one inside of the stock of a rifle before.

I'm thinking that may work with the tree, but I've always wondered the same thing. That's one thing that I'm unsure about.

If you had a chrono, you wouldn't really need a gauge. You could just start at no pressure and ease your way up to the desired FPS. I know chrono's are expensive and not everybody has one. I'd like to get one shortly.

The gauge should be male on the back. I've never seen one that is female.
Ok, thanks. Ya I have access to a chrono but having a guage would speed up thee process.
Glad to help! Be sure to let me know how she performs once you get it all together. Some pics of the rifle and air rig would be cool too. Good luck with everything!
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