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1.Snipers are always in a tree.

Bullshit. one, it is quite hard to climb a tree with all of your equiptment.
two. try that silently.
three. when youe up there, wheres your support?branches
can snap if your gun is heavy(like mine, 10 pounds).(if you can even find a good branch

Branches and Weapon support are the LEAST of your problems when tree sniping.

A deeper, and more professional reason to NO TREE SNIPING is one othe the most basic of traits of the infantry. Once in a tree... a sniper CANNOT FIRE and MANEUVER. Its a deadend if you ask many in this forum. Once spotted, changing locations is not possible...

Best Recourse if so... PRAY till the hail of BBS from the other guy hits home

2.A ghillie suit will make me blend in great.


one.if you have a brown and green ghillie(primarialy) and youre standing in a yellow hay feild, you stick out.
two.You cant rely on your gear to get you through battles. you need to have the traning and know how to utilize your gear.

Learn how to use it :) its not a Magic Cloak :)... Beyond the GHILLIE... BASIC Fieldcraft.. even without the Ghillie, will do wonders.

3.i bought a sniper rifle. why arent i getting kills?

because sniping isnt like that of Call of Duty 4. You dont run around with a featherlight rifle "noscoping n00bs with your l33t barrett". SNIPING ISNT THAT EASY!

You got this right... play the game... AIRSOFT aint like a PC game... you dont have the FATIGUE Factor to contend with

when FATIGUE Gets to you... welll... you be come tired:) ... but seriously... your ability to HIT a target will depend on your physical condition.. if youre tired... your HIT Probability goes down..etc..etc. Thats why REAL DEAL SNipers are ALWAYS in TIP TOP Physical shape:)

Heres another myth
Many think... SNIPER Fire, always Hits home.

NOT True, Specially in Airsoft... Our TOYS are not at all accurate compared to the real thing. Coupled with a Bad Shooting stance, Poor Physical conditions and Bad BALLISTICS.. it takes ALOT of practice and familiarization to wind for you to hit your Mansized target at 170feet.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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