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Here are some common things that are complete bullshit that people think:

1.Snipers are always in a tree.

Bullshit. one, it is quite hard to climb a tree with all of your equiptment.
two. try that silently.
three. when youe up there, wheres your support?branches
can snap if your gun is heavy(like mine, 10 pounds).(if you can even find a good branch)

2.A ghillie suit will make me blend in great.


one.if you have a brown and green ghillie(primarialy) and youre standing in a yellow hay feild, you stick out.
two.You cant rely on your gear to get you through battles. you need to have the traning and know how to utilize your gear.

3.i bought a sniper rifle. why arent i getting kills?

because sniping isnt like that of Call of Duty 4. You dont run around with a featherlight rifle "noscoping n00bs with your l33t barrett". SNIPING ISNT THAT EASY!

any others? just reply, and add yours. with answers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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