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Well.. Some things I notice is just because you have a bolt action rifle you assume that you're a sniper. This isn't really true. Being a sniper is so much more than the weapon you hold, it's about your ability, as Tophatters pointed out, to fieldcraft. You need to be an expert in land navagation and the woods pretty much is where you thrive. If you're going out there just to see how close you can get to the real thing in the pictures, then you're already set up for failure.

First things first, you always start out with an automatic, no matter what. My very first event I started off with an automatic, turned out only using maybe 5 mags the whole day, but I was on single shot though. My next few games I asked veterans if I could shoot their rifles once or twice and see what power was all about, then I realized that I wanted that, and set reasonable financial goals to end up building what I thought was a pretty good semi automatic "Sniper" rifle if you will.

Anyways, the point of me saying all this is to say that the man doesn't chose the role, the role choses the man. No matter how hard you want to become a scout/sniper in airsoft, if you simply don't have the knack for it, you won't get very far. This is where another myth comes to mind..

Snipers don't do anything in the field but camp

This is a complete lie, I spend almost 50% of the time I'm in the field navagating, looking at enemy resistance points, looking at ways to flank it, and just about anything else important. I don't know why so many snipers get int o the game and go without a radio, without a map, without channels to reach people, honestly it's like why bother? all these guys do is taint the image of the true scouts out there that are there to do work, sure getting a few hits can come and be the added "Cherry" on top, but that's not what our job is all about.
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