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Comms Equipment

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Heres somthing to ask you guys.

I personally value Communications, and when stalking and doing recon, having a radio by my side is just as valuable as my rifle. Specially during big games, having a radio to communicate with my team helps me when decision making and how i should go about giving Sniper Support to where best needed.

Do any of you guys use radios during your games?
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Yup, but I mostly use mine to follow where I'm required to provide support to the team. I also only realy break silence to indicate if the threat has been eliminated and its safe to move on. This is all because just recently the team has been playing at faster paced sites, where I have been filling the role of DM more than sniper....quite nice not to have to wear the guillie in the height of summer ;)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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