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Comms Equipment

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Heres somthing to ask you guys.

I personally value Communications, and when stalking and doing recon, having a radio by my side is just as valuable as my rifle. Specially during big games, having a radio to communicate with my team helps me when decision making and how i should go about giving Sniper Support to where best needed.

Do any of you guys use radios during your games?
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Yessir. Radios aren't always necessary, especially when moving with a well trained squad...however in largish games, the ability to contact the game moderators and other units is invaluable.

For instance, without radios, I would never know when half the objectives have been achieved. Also, if I'm holding a different area or am on my way to provide support, I need to know if I'm walking into a group of 30 hostiles, or a location held by friendlies.
Hey man, looks like you're trying to copy my setup. I've got a standard earpiece that clips to the collar of my BDUs, but I've got a $80 pair of cobra radios. Got them cheap, if I remember correctly ;)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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