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Comms, Radios, and Headsets

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Hello fellow snipers, i have been playing airsoft for a long time now but in more recent days i have noticed i need a good radio and headset. there is a similar thread posted about this specifically for head sets but i would like to know the overall of what to get. If you could list a few companies and model numbers for radios and headsets (microphones and earpieces) i would really appreciate it :) also if you could tell me what the best one ear head sets are because having a both ears covered is not the best for sniping.
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TYT DM-UVF10 & Code Red Conduction Headset.

Crystal clear communication. Whispers too.
Baofeng BF-F9V2 with a CodeRed TBCH-Mod-K (bone conduction headset with boom mic) and a Nagoya 16" antenna on a relocation kit threaded through the molle on my hydration carrier/h-harness/battle belt set.
Thank you:)
I run a UV-5R V2+ with a Code Red CQB boom. No issues.
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