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Compact 7.62 platform for dmr?

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Im considering building a dmr. Have a upgraded vsr, but it Dosent really fit my playstyle, i like doing a few games as a ”sniper”, but then i get bored and just runs pistol rest of the day.. active and agressive is more me.

at the field i want to start playing at again, i Will get into alot of short distance engagements, but i Will miss out on the long distance engagements, so i would like a Long range gun, to compliment my pistol. Alot of transitions between dmr and pistol, and alot of movement with rifle hanging from a sling, so a compact dmr would be nice. love the look and the size of an srs, but i dont need an extra basr.

field rules for dmr.
2.85 joule on `20’s, Max allowed bb weight 0.36g. 20 meter Med. Semi only(no more than 2 bb’s airborne at a time).

my build Will be:
hpa engine of some sort
good budget
“compact“ platform where the real steal counterpart has been made in 7.62 caliber version

have been looking at
svu cyma/g&g
never tried a bullpup, so dont Know how it feels shooting and transition to and from.

scar h, longer than i would prefer but i Will go with it if a svu Or other bullpup isnt a good idea for a hpa build.

other 7.62 platforms that isnt Seen alot on a airsoft field that you could suggest?

dont really want a hk 417, i see alot of those on most fields.

best regards

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Would the VSS work? Or does it have to be in a full power rifle cartridge style rifle?
Yes acording to the rules that are suggested, it has to be an 7.62, lenght doesnt really matter. well everything devellops, why shoudnt ammo.
but none the less, if i have to use a 7.62 platform i would prefer it’s one that at some point has been used as a dmr/marksman/sniper rifle. efficiency is important, but a bit of realism is cool.
What precisely does 7.62 mean in this case?
Does it have to be a Nato 7.62*51, or can it also be a 7.62*54r like in the SVD/SVU? Because there are a bunch of 7.62 calibres which are not full power rifle cartridge- 7.62*39 and so on.
This seems like a stupid rule to me.
Since the VSS is traditionally used in the sniper role, perhaps you could ask your site whether you could use it.
I have another stupid idea.
SCAR H in bullpup kit.
SCAR-H Bullpup | SRU Airsoft | 3D Printing Kit
This is the only 7.62 airsoft bullpup save for the SVU (as far as I recall), until the Silverback MDR comes out.
One problem would be crappy bullpup trigger, however, there is actually a fairly easy fix for this. Basically you just wire up microswitch directly behind the trigger, and run wires back to the gearbox.
Another would be the position of the fire selector.
I thought that kit only worked on the GBBR version of the scar-h? Do they have an AEG kit?
Linked wrong one.
Here is the AEG Version:
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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