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I personally love my SVU. I did ditch the fake supressor and bipod since its got decent heft as is and I'm never bipoded. (APS brand, first one available on evike. Now there's all sorts of options n mlok n stuff...)

Grip is tight to trigger guard and magazine and short. Fat hands need not apply. I've been working on a custom grip for more ergonomics. It's a tight spot with the mag release.
I wear US medium size gloves and I'm fine.
90%+ of folks I know are large or larger for us glove size.

A 509 mm barrel just barrely makes it into the mock suppressor by about 1 cm. So it can fit waaaaayyy longer barrels then you should be using. Iirc you want about a 400mm if you follow 1 tonnes voluming with the cylinder size.

As far as working on it - I find I have it down the the gearbox as fast as my 416 and AK. I've stripped it down a lot tho...

Bullpup battle rifles are just awesome aesthetically imo.

I'll leave combat effectiveness/reliability/ergonomics to others to argue about.
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