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Compatibility Check / Last components help (last post I promise)

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[EDIT] - Here are the links to the my previous posts regarding this gun, should really have kept it all in one long post, sorry 'bout that. Extra info cant hurt.
Gun -
Barrel help -
General upgrades 1 -

(Last post i promise)
Keeping this short

I have the Double Eagle M57A L96, upgrading it.

Barrel - (6.03)

Hop -

Barrel Spacers -

All I need now is a good bucking and some form of suppressor / flash-hider that would fit the end of the gun and cover the barrel without being far too long. If anyone can advise a good flash suppressor that will cover the extra 4-5cm of barrel without a leaving lots of space for the bb to have to fly dead-perfectly through within the attatchment. Also any good bucking that would work with the PDI hop and this aeg barrel. Also i'm assuming this spacer would fit the gun correctly?

Thanks very much

[Edit] Found possible flash-breaker -

Looks perfect, will it fit my gun assuming i remove the orange cap?
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Like I said in the other post, you should maybe consider not getting a PDI chamber, because the 2 arms are a total PITA to work with, and my mag-catch mod works the same way as the 2 arms. A one-armed chamber like this one ( would be perfect. Or, you could get a single arm for the PDI chamber, designed by Cheeseman (

Secondly, those barrel spacers ONLY work with EdGI inner barrels, which are now extinct (I believe). The barrel spacers will NOT work with the Prometheus barrel. Just make your own barrel spacer out of paper or duct tape.

Thirdly, I would recommend an EZ-LRB as your barrel extension. It incorporates the LRB system, as well as provides you with a nice looking muzzle.

Lastly, for buckings, I would recommend a REAPS AEG bucking, hard. You might want to consider pairing it with a PCS or H nub so the REAPS' bucking nub doesn't "bow out."

However, if you don't like my list, then, yes everything on your list will work EXCEPT for the barrel spacers. You canNOT get Polarstar or EdGI spacers for your gun as they will not fit the Prometheus inner barrel. You will have to get another brand, such as Prometheus' hop up spacers or maybe PDI (as long as the product description is not for the 10 mm Outer Diameter inner barrels).
I am going to stick with the PDI hop up (don't ask why) but i will take your advice and purchase the Cheeseman Arm along side it, for barrel spacers i'll just stick with electrical tape, probably just as effective. In terms of the EZ-LRB barrel extension, I'm not sure how effective or helpful it is to have an LRB barrel (I did some brief research but still not 100%). Would it damage the barrel in any way by bending it? But otherwise it looks nice and can't hurt the accuracy.

I'll get the REAPS aeg bucking you reccomended but the only thing i'm still not sure about is the nub. Mostly because i have almost no idea what a nub is or does/importance and also i cannot find any "PCS" or "H" nub sellers. If you could give a link to what you think would be best I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again.
Why did you not keep these all in one thread? Would have made it MUCH easier for other members to answer, as well as to keep all the info in one location.
Edited first original comment in this post - Sorry for hassle
That's fine to get the PDI chamber. I have one. I just mainly suggested that the best thing to do is to get rid of the 2 hop up arms, be it a new chamber or new arm.

I don't know if, in your DE L96, the outer barrel "wobbles," or is able to rotate left and right. V.1, 2, and 3 all do it, and it's bad because if the outer barrel "wobbles," then so does the hop up chamber, meaning you could have unwanted sidespin. You can fix it with this mod:
The mod also allows you to adjust your hop up left and right, which in essence is the same thing as having 2 hop up arms.

LRB's don't really damage the barrel as long as you don't bend the barrel too far. PM Cheeseman for the ideal amount of bend for your fps, bb brand and weight, and barrel length. He's an LRB expert. Basically, the LRB works to keep the bb centered in the barrel through the idea of centrifugal force. It's one of the few ideas that I really really like.

Here's an H-nub in the UK:
It's kind of difficult to put the H-nub in a PDI chamber. What you'll want to do is use non-drying modeling clay to stick the nub onto the arm. Or, if you want to use the stock nub, that's probably fine too. I'm not sure if the REAPS bucking will actually "bow out" like a regular nub does.

EDIT: forgot to mention, whenever you get your PDI chamber, you absolutely, absolutely, absolutely MUST put a grease on the screw that connects the hop up chamber to the mag catch. The screw WILL galvanize (aka stuck like a b****) and you WILL be "screwed."
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This is fantastic, thanks so much for all the help you guys have given.

So at the moment this is the current shopping list. (I am getting the dual arm for the PDI)

- Prometheus EG Barrel 534mm for Marui SG550

- PDI HOP-UP Chamber for Maruzen Type 96

- Hop Up Combined Arm

- REAPS M3 AEG Hop Up Bucking Hard

- H Nub

- Barrel Extension

The only thing I am still not sure about is the LRB barrel extension as it requires you i think to have no spacers in the last 2/3 of the barrel. I'm sure it will be worth it however. Later on I might buy some other buckings and nubs to experiment as they're dirt cheap.

In terms of mods i'll definetly be doing your mag catch stability mod Luluk, and maybe some other small things later on.

This should all work i hope. Anything else i could add / change?
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Yes, use the real R-hop, and don't waste your money on the REAPS crap.
Well, I suppose you could go with the real R-Hop if you wanted to, but if you did, then it would remove the need to buy an H-nub.

IR hop Z kit

Just use the stock nub that comes with the PDI chamber.

Personally, I kind of like the REAPS because of its concave shape. At the same time, I've never used it, nor have I used an R-hop, because they don't allow airsoft guns at UC San Diego. It's really up to you lol.
I have a vague idea of how the r-hop works (after some research), for installation i'll probably be fine with a few youtube vids. I read a couple things about needing a de-ridged bucking thing. Any ideas what bucking would work for this?

EDIT Can't use my stock bucking as it's slightly torn and pretty shoddy anyway
go with the hardest you can get, it is no longer being used to apply hop so there is no reason not to go for max air seal.
Would this bucking be ok?

Not too important is suppose but anything from the uk is always good. Am going for the IER-Hop Z-Kit from the Huntseeker Armory and am also buying the M-Nubs from the same website (would work well with the cheeseman dual hop arm too). I should be ok for installation.
You can't get the IER hop kit unless you make the hop up window bigger.

HS5 explains it more on it site, just look it up. You'll have to either make the window bigger, or just go with a regular IR hop, but most people on this site will recommend extending the window and using IER hop.

Unless you know how to cut metal correctly, I recommend getting someone to do it for you.
Ah, i just misheard this video -
, he said it was a better deal to buy the IER hop as you get twice the amount of material that you need, will just get regular IR instead.

Is the difference between getting an IR hop and an IER hop that massive, Im not especially experienced so it would make sense for me to get some more games in before i
go full out and get custom cut stuff. Or is it worth it now to get the barrel re-cut while it's still in the US?
Also i'm not too sure yet what weight of bb would be most effective, the majority of people seem to stick to .3s but if i wanted to go higher HS5 recommended that with .3+ you should consider getting the IER.
The main difference is just size. The R and ER hops are just different in that the ER is lengthier.

The reason you want a larger amount of surface for heavier bb's is because a heavier bb has more weight, in the purest, physical definition of the word. Gravity pulls heavier bb's down with more force, and you need more spin to counter that effect.

Giving the R-hop more "hop," or pushing it down more, is basically doing the opposite of what the R-hop was intended to do, which is to allow you to apply a lighter, more gentler amount of hop up to reduce "bouncing."

This problem with heavier bb's is what the ER hop up was made for.

As for the weight of the bb, I suppose it depends on the types of targets you are aiming to hit. If you like playing DM and hitting close-ish targets, I'd say to stay in the .27-.33 gram range since you want the bb to travel to your target ASAP (odds are, they will be moving if you are a DM).

If you like to take out sole, long distance targets, such as counter-sniping or assassination or whatever, then .36+ grams would be better since heavier bb's have more inertia and are more "resistant" to outside forces.
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I prefer to try and take out longer distance targets, also in many of the uk sites there is a 30meter (98 feet) minimum engagement range for snipers. I could always get the barrel shipping straight to a professional cutter in the us, which would also allow him to install the r-hop itself perfectly. Do you think it is worth the extra time and money?
If money and time is not an issue for you, then I would go for it, considering how much of a bigger waste of money and time it would be in the future to have it shipped and cut if you decided you wanted to later.

A lot of other forum members will tell you that IER hop is your best choice too.
Do you know who is best / good to get this done (barrel cut and IER-hop installed).

This is the last thing i guess :)
Current List

- Prometheus EG Barrel 534mm for Marui SG550

- PDI HOP-UP Chamber for Maruzen Type 96

- Hop Up Combined Arm

- Barrel Extension

- IER-Hop Z-Kit

- EM-nub

- Lonex Hop Up Bucking

- Mag catch stability mod _- Lulukchoo
- Custom cut inner barrel w/ r-hop installed.

I will probably polish the barrel too.
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You could probably ask HS5 himself to cut the inner barrel. I don't quite know if he will do it or not, but Cheeseman can also do it. (his service includes an EM hop, so I guess that means you won't need to buy an EM hop. Just PM him)

Also, you'll need to mod your hop up chamber to be able to use ER hop. That is also a major pain in the butt, but if you have the right tools and precision and know what you're doing, then perhaps you could do it yourself.

If anything, you could just have the hop up chamber modded by someone else too. I just feel bad, cause this project is adding up a lot... £££

Lastly, to save money, I wouldn't order the Lonex bucking from another website, because then you'll just have to end up paying more money on shipping. Buy buy a bucking on RedWolf so you can save a few pounds.
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Brilliant, i'll just get the full installation package by cheeseman. I wouldnt be getting this if i didn't have the money. Thanks so much for all your help everyone but especially Luluk, Cheeseman and Woogie. Been incredibly helpful. Will post results once everything is done.

Thanks again everyone :)
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