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Are these parts compatible/will they hold up together...

Maruzen APS2 sniper version $295
Laylax trigger parts $35
Laylax PSS2 190 Spring for APSII $18
Laylax PSS2 Silent Damper Kit $10
Laylax PSS2 Spring Guide for APSII $25
Laylax PSS2 Teflon Cylinder for APSII $115
TOTAL $498

And what tightbore would you guys reccomend?
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I say go with all PDI parts, much better than Laylax.
A wise airsoft smith once told me:

"When it comes to spring rifle parts it goes in this order of quality parts,
1. Laylax/FF
2. Guarder and
3. PDI"

You be the judge. Do some reading.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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