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Compatible replacement stock for the M700 AICS?

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I had personally found that crawling on my stomach with the original tanaka m700 aics stock cumbersome. Does anyone know if a stock like this:
would work? I have read that it will fit with minor modification. Has anyone tried fitting one? Can it be done with a dremle and sand paper? What would I have to do about the mag release?
Thanks in advance,
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It should. The magazines are in the same place, and though I am unsure about the AICS, the mag release is contained in the trigger guard assembly with the M700s that I have seen.

I'll take your AICS stock, if you don't want it anymore, PM me!
Probably. If you could post pics of the bottom of your receiver, that would help out a lot.
Just the last pic would be fine...Thanks anyway ;)

Listen to hidden, he is correct.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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