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Compatible replacement stock for the M700 AICS?

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I had personally found that crawling on my stomach with the original tanaka m700 aics stock cumbersome. Does anyone know if a stock like this:
would work? I have read that it will fit with minor modification. Has anyone tried fitting one? Can it be done with a dremle and sand paper? What would I have to do about the mag release?
Thanks in advance,
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On the AICS the stock's mag release is just infront of the trigger guard. It is a lever, sort of like the mag release on a G3 or PSG-1. And i never said I was going to sell the stock
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I know im bringing this thread back from the dead but could I buy a broken KJW m700(non-takedown version) and drop my upper reciver into the stock? Id be willing to do modifications.
Didn't know which parts you wanted a pic I took pics. of all of it :)

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I asked on another forum and a guy said for the kjw stock I would have to tap the stock to make additional attachment points and also he said I would have to widden out the barrel part. What do I guys think of this? And if I did use a kjw stock it would most deffinetly come with the trigger guard and the magwell.
Thanks again for your guyses help.
Ok, thanks guys. Im going the kjw route
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