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Compatible replacement stock for the M700 AICS?

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I had personally found that crawling on my stomach with the original tanaka m700 aics stock cumbersome. Does anyone know if a stock like this:
would work? I have read that it will fit with minor modification. Has anyone tried fitting one? Can it be done with a dremle and sand paper? What would I have to do about the mag release?
Thanks in advance,
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SWAT Raptor s right. You can just purchase one cut for a Rem700 short action, but it will be pricey. The cheapest I could ever find it was around $500. It would look so nice though.
Yep, they are pretty pricey. That's probably the cheapest you'll find one, unless you come across a great deal on a used one. There was a guy on another forum that made his own stock. Here's the link. He actually did a really good job on it.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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