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Compatible replacement stock for the M700 AICS?

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I had personally found that crawling on my stomach with the original tanaka m700 aics stock cumbersome. Does anyone know if a stock like this:
would work? I have read that it will fit with minor modification. Has anyone tried fitting one? Can it be done with a dremle and sand paper? What would I have to do about the mag release?
Thanks in advance,
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Hey guys Yesterday I received an M700 Police, I really don't like the police model mostly because the slim barrel so I'm gone replace it with the G&G heavy barrel. I'm thinking to convert the stock to McMillan A4 so to make it M40A3, Can someone give the M40A3 Stock dimensions? A bit more detailed dimensions than the ones McMillan provides.

$500?? I've purchased the whole gun with mags bipod and scope for $300.
It's a thought I'd like to it like that. I'll do some research and I'll see maybe I came across with a cheaper stock.
Unfortunately I don't own and I haven't seen any M40A3 around to take measurement so if some own one please help.

Yes I've seen it, that's the reason I'm thinking about it!

1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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