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Name: Connor

Call sign: Oconqua (Childhood nickname for those wondering).

Experience: I currently have no military or airsoft experience, but i have played paintball for a number of years.

Equipment: I currently only have a UTG MK96 stock rifle, no sidearm, and no field equipment.

Camo: I have no camo as well.

Hobbies: Paintball, guitar, basketball, computer games, poker, and hanging out with friends.

Residence: Ohio

As you may have noticed, I am very new to the sport of airsoft and to the sniping role. I am really excited about it though, and i am open for any advice on where to start or how to prepare for the future. Thank you for your time.

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There was one you missed to capitalize, metallicafatcat was just trying to help you out. No worries, we all make mistakes, and that is a very small one. ;)

I play basketball as well, I love it. You play for the school team?

And if you ever plan to upgrade the mk96, check out some of the guides on here.
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