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Computer Virus

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Having some major problems with my computer. A small window popped up, stating something along the lines that my AVG was infected. ???

It says its a problem with Windows, and that Windows is trying to take care of it. I am terrible with computer technology and stuff, but I have Dell XP computer. Is that connected to windows? (Could possibly be a very stupid question).

Basically, I am thinking the virus protector thing is the virus. Happened on my old computer. I am going to shut her down for the night. Will check back later, but am worried to use this computer due to possibility of things screwing up. Will try to get on a laptop or something in the meantime.

Any advice appreciated until I get one of my family members to help, as they are relatively good with this kind of stuff.
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If you can, just google the actual name of the fake antivirus. There are several websites out there that show you exactly how to remove it from your system. This DOES involve messing with your Registry, so if you don't know what that is or you're uncomfortable touching it, I would advise using Malwarebytes or the other removal software people have suggested.
However, I wouldn't do what Cheese Man is suggesting. A lot of times, due to registry entries, the program will just re-download itself.

And, if you're feeling frisky, switch to Linux.
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