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Concealment/Ghillie Vids

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I'm not sure if a thread like this already exists, but having searched for a bit, I haven't come across one yet. Please redirect me if I'm wrong.

I thought it would be nice to have a collection of some of the best youtube, user submitted, etc. vids that show some top notch concealment techniques.

I'll kick this off with what I consider to be the classic ghillie suit vid showing not only how effective a good ghillie can be but also showcasing some of the different styles of design out there. This might be my favorite just for that reason.

This next one is by ripperkon, one of the bushes in the first vid, who's videos are most excellent. I found this one to be particularly useful when trying to come up with a good rifle wrap design. The "triangle net" in particular is my new favorite.

More to come as I get more time and please add some of your own!
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You have deffinetly overlooked these 2 AMAZING ghillie making guides!:

9 part series:

Another 9 part series:

These 2 guides are my bible to ghillie making. Highly recomended!
Here are some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy.

Ghillie making tutorial by ghillieexpert

Camoing up equipment by Ripperkon

Washing a ghillie (It's kind of weird that it makes it dirtier) by Ripperkon

Ghillies in action
by Phantom
by Phantom
by GhillieArnhem

These are some videos that I have watched and have given me bits of info here and there. Hope you enjoy them.
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Excellent additions!

Personally, I found the 9 part series to be a bit much but for any one not familiar with the basics of field-craft/ghillie-craft, the series by ghillieexpert is a must see.

Also, I REALLY like the design of Ripperkon's newest ghillie. Check it out!
Ripperkon is a very creative and resourceful guy. It is no surprise that he can make his ghillies so AWESOME! I really like it.
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