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Good tips from vindicareassassin.

if that fails.

first thing i would do is to make sure the spring for the tappet-plate is doing okay - try cutting one ring shortening the tappet-plate-spring a bit, this helps to brake the whole gear-set when the motor is moving without power

2nd, if you hold the gun upside down and you put 4 bbs's down the feed-tube in the hopup and shoot the gun upside down without a magazine -does it still double feed? if not then you might wanna consider not loading your magazines fully, a combo of guarders soft rubber (cuz they are soft.. i would try a harder brand, like madbull or similar) and a tired spring for the tappet-plate can cause double-feeds in any gun if the magazine is pushing hard!

if that doesn't work i would start playing around with various nozzle-length's to make sure you actually have an M14 nozzle in it to begin with -you mentioned it had 4 previous owners, and maybe one of them put in a shorter nozzle by mistake? a shorter nozzle could allow 2 bb's to get into the chamber in one stroke.

i strongly doubt this has anything to do with the antireverse-latch as long as it is springing back as it should, if anything keeping it in should reduce double feeding to a minimum since the whole gear-set can´t move in reverse direction, chambering a bb without actually firing it.

have you tried different BB's`? i was getting double-feeds and miss-feeds with Blasters 0.28 in my MP5 and it was totally rebuilt from scratch with all new parts modified to play ball with each other..

food for thought =)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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