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This is primarily for sexpanther but I thought I'd post it up here so people can see how I came to own a G&G EBR years before they actualy released their own version.

Firstly I gutted the KART EBR body of all mechanics and stuck it straight in the spares bin, I bought it new and it never fired a single round as KART intended it as the mag was broken when I recieved it :-/ You also need to remove the stock catch as this gets in the way of the G&G motor cage when its fitted. It can be made to work again but every time I did it I found it to flimsy so just fixed my stock in a perminant position, which you can see later.

Next I took my G&G Veteran and removed all the internals as one piece. I unsoldered all the wires from the motor as it needs to be re routed forward to the foregrip.

In this picture you can see the angle of the motor cage that needs to be achieved.

This was done with a vast amount of work being done to the motor cage and the gearbox opening and retainers and the stock/handle block.

Firstly I had to grind the screw holder small enough to go into the stock, and to aid this I also ground out the top of the stock and inside as well.

Next I altered the stops on the cage to allow the cage to rotate farther round it rotation point, which also ment I had to elongate the pinion hole.

Here you can see the cage in its new position with all mods complete....

You can also see the new wiring running from the motor to the new battery location.

The next major modification that needs to be done is to enlarge the holes in the barrel retention block.

I did this by drilling out the block with the largest drill bit I had and then ground the barrel down so it was a snug fit in the hole. The gas return tube hole also needs to be enlarged but this needs to all be done at the block as the tube is litteraly thatand cant be slimmed down to fit.

Like so......

Once all this is done its a matter of lining everything up and making sure everything works before tightening all the bolts, and when you've done that you should get something that looks like this.....

The following pic is how I overcame the stock catch issue and my short term battery solution until I bought a lipo..... crude but effective ;).......

What it looked like after the initial build.......

And after its reasent rebuild......

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