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Covert TM L96 AWS *Done?*

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Ok guys,

Well I have some time now to think about a few things I am going to want to do to this rifle. As I sit here on flood duty once again due to this town being under water now. I was looking around and found some fun little things for this rifle.

I am planning on keeping it shooting the stock fps, for now. But in my field we usually play quick ambush style games. So having a 500mm barrel may be a little bit over kill. So that got me to thinking about shorter options.

I have found the PDI short outer barrel, that will allow me to run a 380mm inner barrel. But while looking at some other options I also found a Laylax combo that will cut the barrel down a ton! The laylax will be cheaper, as it comes with the outer and inner barrel, inner barrel is a laylax 6.03 barrel.

I am thinking it would look great with a muzzle adapter on the end so I can put some kind of suppressor at the end, as well as some rails on her for a few "goodies" as well.

Here is the link for the laylax part.....

And here is the link for the PDI part....

They are both quite different, and will give the rifle two completely different looks.

The laylax is much shorter, so that will make it much easier to move around quickly and make those snap shots. As well as coming as a kit, where you get the inner and outer barrel.

Where as the PDI is a little longer, but still gives it that mean look. This one is just for the outer barrel, so would still have to get an inner, but I would be able to choose which one I would want to have inside.

I am thinking about going for the look that is on the Evike site that I posted. Get some rails for the side of the rifle, and have a mean little covert rifle.

So this is my question to you guys......... Which one to get? And which one in your eyes looks better?

Thanks in advance guys, and I can't wait to hear what you think.
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Personally I like the PDI version only cause the laylax one seems a little too short. Unless you get a suppressor like you suggested then it would looks sick. If you get the PDI and put a suppressor on then it would almost be stock length. Trust your gut and go with what you like. :)
Personally, I think the laylax system looks cool, Especially if you plan on running it as a low fps setup. Better mobility and lighter weight will be the way to go!
It is definitely a different look with the laylax, but I actually like it. The PDI looks nice as well but not much difference in length to justify a kit in my opinion. That demo picture looks pretty crazy on the evike page, can't wait to see the end product of your decision! In all honesty you really can't go wrong with PDI or laylax products but for your case I say go with the laylax for uniqueness and cqb awesomeness.
Here is what I have right now....

1 x Matrix PEQ-15 Weaver Mount Battery Housing Box (Black)

1 x Laylax Perfect Sniping System PSSL96 Short Outer Barrel for
TM L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

1 x Element QD Barrel Extension w/ 14mm Negative Scar & Masada Type Steel Flashhider Set for Airsoft

1 x Matrix Spartan CNC Threaded Muzzle Adapter for Maruzen APS II SV/ OR (14mm negative)

I just hope that the thread adapter will work for that barrel. The price comes to $231.00, now that is without an optic as well. I am leaning toward an Acog of some kind, though the ones I like are out of stock. I would really like to get the G&P 4x with the chevron reticle, with the doctor sight on top. That will add another $200 to the price.

I do know that I am getting my re-enlistment bonus from the guards here soon. As soon as that gets posted I am thinking I am going to place the order
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Sounds sweet. Post some pictures when you have it all set up.
Well just placed the order...... so should be here next week sometime, or by the end of the week

Now all I have to do is get back home.......
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Get an ACM ACOG. $100 less.
I want something with the 4x and cheveron sight. Still have some small things to get as well, but those are for another paycheck.
Sounds like it's gonna look great. Looking forward to seeing the pics!
Acogs have a really short eye relief. It may not look how you imagine it.
I know how the real ones look ;) I used them on real steel more than once ;)
Alright. I have seen a few people put an acog on a bolt gun and not having it work out for them. Usually looks ridiculous.
Most usually aren't going to be this short either.... ;)
Haha. That is true. I'm interested to see how the actually rifle turns out. I'm not thrilled at the example pic. I personally like the medium barrel.
Ha, Hey woogie, Gonna do the same thing! I have a 4x acog with dummy fiber and doctor sight that I'm going to put on my G-spec. Should be a cool concept.
May be a while until I get home. But as soon as I do, I will get this put together and get some pics.
Nice! I am glad you went with the laylax barrel, can't wait for those pics!
Im excited to see how this looks. I am highly considering getting the PDI short barrel, so I am really looking forward to see how yours comes out. I was also doing some looking around and found this, it might look good with the path your going. Im not too sure if you have anything to mount on there but it may be practical for CQB...
Well I have everything installed and working, now just need to get some paint on her ;)

Then I will get some pics up for you guys. As well as a better review of the Laylax barrel set.

Here ya go guys
I just got her done this evening.

Now for the parts that I installed on her. The Laylax outer and inner barrel combo are very VERY nice. I was really quite surprised when I got my package from airsoft atlanta. The inner barrel comes inside of the outer barrel, so a nice small package that is easy to ship.

The inner barrel is of 280mm, where the stock inner barrel is 500mm. So darn near half the length of the stock barrel. Though through the shooting that I have been doing, with bioval .27's, I have seen no real down side of it.

The build of the barrel kit is of very nice build. Everything lined up properly and there is no wobble in either the inner or outer barrel. The threads on the receiver side, are very well cut, and screw into the receiver very nicely.

The rifle is now nice and compact, and very easy to carry around, and maneuver around in tight places.

If you are going to get this barrel combo you are going to need an end cap of some kind. I chose to go with the PDI Raven bull barrel silencer adapter end cap. It is a little loose in the end of the barrel, but with a little bit of Teflon tape she is nice and snug.

The suppressor is a Gemtech copy, and very nice looking on the rifle.

Over all everything on the rifle right now is of very high quality, and very pleasing to hold and shoot. Now I just need to find an Acog of some kind to possible change things out.
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