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cqb/short vsr build

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So my cqb boltie is now almost finished! With big thanks to Thirteen Gunworks, EdGI Custom Works, Taring Carving, Double Tap Designs and Springer Custom Works
Internally sporting the following parts:
custom edgi 170mm 5.98 barrel
Action army hop
Aip bucking
Pdi palsonite cylinder
Edgi piston Edgi spring guide
Laylax 100 spring
Springer custom works s-trigger (v7)
And a dtd small feed tube And
Well mb02 with the outer barrel shortened and rethreaded by 13 gunworks
A taring carvings ace stock customised with rails and a stanag magwell.
c&c welcome. will do a shooting test vid and will get some better pics when she's 100% finished. still waiting on the last internal part to arrive and a few external extras as well


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Nice stock, what brand bbs do you use with that super tight bore?
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