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Hello Sniper-Boys,

it really took me some willpower to start this thread in the world of the hidden long range kill-collectors, but after some searching and reading, this board seemed to be extremely fine and friendly compared to others out there, so I will just go for it.

Short introduction to not spam the intro forum unnecessary:
I am Matze, a 35 years old long time airsoft nerd from europe / germany. So I am not a native, forgive me all my spelling mistakes etc.
My gameplay might be the absolute prototype to what is opposite to most of yours, as I am mainly playing fast paced and indoors at evenings due to time issues for the last 3 years. I am always perfecting my guns, to a point where I started to develop my own ones, so I am not new to custom solutions at all. More info on that can be found on insta ( @ati_airsoft_ ) but I don't want to point this out, just to show I am really looking for some custom solutions and am not afraid of trying new things or following stupid ideas.

The idea:
So what is on my mind? I am playing indoors quite often as said and there are some days where - without any disrespect - players are just too unexperienced to compete at an even level. I am only playing HPA guns, so from time to time I locked my FCUs with sniper delay to make it more challenging and it's actually huge fun to play with those one taps and the knowledge that if you miss, you need to wait a moment and are open for counters.

That's where I started to think about a custom made HPA based CQB VSR10ish rifle.
I hope nobody died while reading this - or wants me to fall over dead. This concept is actually springer based quite popular in Japan I believe.

If you are still with me, here's what I carved out to be the plan and I hope to get confirmation, that something like this could work.
I am looking for a VSR or MB03 Lower as I want the externals to be at least slightly close and clean to one of those classic snipers for now. Straight pull wolverine bolt engine with 3d printed reload mechanism that might reach down at the side of the rifle, so you can reload with just taking the trigger finger of and pulling back.
All of my guns are aiming at functionality and light weight. So I was planing on printing most parts needed besides tech (cylinder, bolt, HU, barrel) and stock in Nylon PA12 by using SLS. That means I would like to print the receiver (which should offer a wider field of solution for custom bolt pulls and red dot mounts), trigger unit and trigger guard. Trigger unit should only be needed to hold trigger, switch and as kind of a "spacer" between stock and receiver if I get this right. I would go for a custom solution there, develop an own switch position and trigger...these are the things I do on basically all builds. Outer Barrel I would go for a carbon tube - because I just like carbon. Who doesn't?
Also I would try to develop and print slightly bigger mags for a little more capacity, not interested in M4 adapters or stuff like that...

What is holding me back on starting all of this?
Actually my experience with sniper rifles. I am a dead beginner at this point, even though I got some deep knowledge of AEG and HPA Systems sniper rifles are completely new for me. So I am basically most afraid that I am missing some stability function of the trigger unit even when using the bolt engine.

So my questions are:
  • Does this sound doable to you?
  • Is there a rough imagination of weight that might be achieved with this build? My latest SMG build weighs 599g ready to play with F2, FCU, Battery, RMR clone and 290mm steel inner installed. So I am a little spoiled when it comes to weight...
  • Am I missing something obvious? I am not afraid of tinkering and finding solutions, but maybe there is a point where I just completely missed the point.
  • Are those MB03 or VSR10 stocks already quite heavy? Are there way lighter solutions? Printed ones? Would even develop something myself there over time if needed.

If you stayed with me and read all of this until here I want to thank you very much, as I feel there might have been some moments and points where most of you cringed very hard because of the misuse of your favorite rifles. Thanks for staying strong. Really looking forward to any kind of advice!

best regards,

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I'm not familiar with HPA, but I don't know about the idea of a bolt action HPA'ed with CQB in mind.

Other than lighter pull (which with CQB bolt action in mind, you don't want high power, therefore not using heavy spring) and quite noise (and with a weak spring it's not hard to do), I don't think there's any merit HPAing it.

Straight pull mod is also pretty easy to do, as long as you aren't looking for high realism where the gun won't fire before you completely lock it in battery.

But again this comes from someone who has never touched an HPA.

Or if you want to do it just for the sake of it, then be my guest.

Edit : Right, about capacity, does 50 sounds plenty enough? Archwick made a 50 capacity mag for VSR for quite cheap and reliable. I guess you could go for it rather than designing and do trial-and-error, which may not worth the time. Cyma also made 55 round capacity for cheaper if I remember, though I heard it's not really reliable.

Also, if wallet is not of your concern, you might want to try to check Silverback TAC-41A. Change the barrels, both inner and outer, for the shorter one and I think it would be compact enough to be used as a CQB bolty. With realistic mag position, making you easier to modify it in order to use your trigger finger to release the mag, plus with 100++ capacity it definitely gives you an advantage on a fast paced game.

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Oh hey, yeah I think I follow you, and one of my friends, 5150, bought one of your guns.

That gun totally sounds doable, and I bet that 2KG or better can be achieved depending on size and all that.
A lot of the weight is in small metal parts like the trigger, mag block, bolt handle, stock hop chamber, bolt cap, bolt end, muzzle end, and scope rail, so if you print those you'll be doing pretty good. Printing the receiver will help a lot unless you start with a TM or Maple Leaf gun, and a carbon outer barrel will also be good unless you have a G-spec.

As for how hard VSRs are, I bet that you probably have the basics down, and by using HPA it really simplifies things.
The main parts are receiver/outer barrel rigidity, a centered hop chamber and cylinder, and correct nozzle seating depth, and a solid cylinder lockup. Other than that, all pretty basic as there's few moving parts when using a BOLT.

As for VSR stocks, I think that the standard one is the lightest, with Maple Leaf S2 maybe beating is or being slightly heavier, but if you did a printed and even more minimal version of that style of stock you'd have something pretty good. As you've probably seen, the Japs like to cut down their stocks a few inches, and cut them at an angle, so I'd mess around with that to see if you like it beforei you go spend a bunch of time designing something.

As for playability, I think that a BOLT is probably better than a DMR if you have a trigger response limit as you can shoot like 3 RPS with a BOLT if you practice, and maybe even more if you're good.
Air efficiency is also stellar, especially at low power, so you may just stick to that.
I haven't quite reached the GBBR point that many middle aged airsofters start on, as I still sling .48g from a DMR and haven't rebuilt my sniper for a long time, but maybe one of these days I'll get around to making a bullpup chassis for my BOLT engine instead of it's current desk drawer chassis.

As for magazines, I suggest that you either use M14 or SR-25 mags as they are in .308 for those dumbass rules some fields have with snipers, and they are common, look cool, and hold lots of ammo.
I think that if you redo the stock and all that it should be rather easy, and you may even be able to do realistic mag placement.

Also, you can cut down your cylinder and push back your hop chamber by a good bit to shorten the setup, which if you're doing carbon barrels shouldn't be a problem.
I've done this with my VSR-SS that I never totally finished, but I worked well and gave me at least another 50mm of inner barrel.
Wood Gas Automotive exterior Plastic Tool

Feel free to message me here or on IG about this stuff, it's right up my alley.

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I have no clue of hpa, but a MB03. It's really light, when the concrete block is taken out, but I doubt, that you will get close to 1kg. The Well has the lightest stock afaik.

The triggerbox is essential for mounting. The Trigger guard is mounted to it and the upper, too.
If I remember correctly, there is no direct connection between upper and stock even at the front - the hu unit is the connection.
The outer barrel is threaded in the upper, there is no barrelnut. Not sure how this would be solved with carbon. And the hu unit is inside the outer - small misalignments cause serious feeding issues.
Mags: there are Cyma 50rd mags, which fit the Well, too. Sometimes they need some little sanding.
Probably you have seen the details before, but if not: WELL MB03C Sniper Rifle -Full Set- (frei ab 18 J.) - Federdruck - Frei ab 18 J. - Airsoftwaffen

Sounds like a challenging and interesting project :)
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