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The purpose of this tread is to give the more creative users of ASF, professional or amateurs, a place to post their artistic works, be it freehand drawing, photography, music, clay modeling, cg art, film making, video editing or anything else in between.

I'll get the ball rolling with one of my hobbies, 3d modeling/rendering:

I may have some more on a different computer. Will post more as soon as i find them.
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quigly said:
Those fake rivets look like a 5 year old drew them. What is up with that? ou would think with his CAD, he could do actual circles.
There is no need to be rude. But they still aren't the best. Also plese don't tell me you got the idea from CoD.
razgriz22 said:
I have shot photoshoots with my airsoft guns as props. They are in other threads on this forum so I dont want to take up space by reposting them. I do video work and have done a little bit for 2 different airsoft companies.

I also do graphics, web, photo, and 3d. Too much stuff to put up though. I also did an animation of an xm8 (i know everyone hates those) but I dont have it online. If I dig up anything cool of mine i'll throw it up.
I thought your job would be somthing like this when I saw your competition photos with the comets etc. In the backround.
sniperninja said:
1st. That gun was bought from Killbucket, it was all his work.
2nd. I just realized how fake the rivets look, I mean seriously? He made it with CNC, I thought he could do better.....
3rd. No, it was not "inspired" by Call of Fail. I hate that game.
Oh thank god. Off topic but I hate that money stealing game with no originality and a fan base of twelve year old quick scopers.

Razz - Oh I misunderstood. I would like to do a job where I sit on my ass. Like in Infinityward.
Tarmageddon said:
inthetallgrass said:
Oh thank god. Off topic but I hate that money stealing game with no originality and a fan base of twelve year old quick scopers.
HEY!! I am a 30 year old proper-scoper but I play COD. Not everyone follows the cliche!!
:(" title=":mad:" border="0"/>
Still a terrible gme with the smae engine for the past 7 years, recycled crap graphics, same gameplay eg everything is the same besides new locations and guns, no originality, EVERYTHING scripted, no destruction eg invincible wooden fence, no realism, twelve year olds screaming in mics and saying "ohh no scope 360 pro" , peoplecalling the sniper rifle a sniper, tiny maps, too cinematic more lik an interactive movie, they are money stealers, crap map packs bfbc2 has free maps, glitches all the time, immense lag, abuse of certain class eg ak74 u, they render some guns completely wrong, overdone sway when sniping and the hold breath thing is ridiculous its when you breath out not hold in, no care for the customers, no vehicles, cod elite is a pay service while bf3 have it for free, plots that make no sense, un realistic engagment distances, stupid technologies eg explosive tipped crossbows. I could go on but for the sake of the forum I won't. It is a terrible game and if you don't beleive that it is not an opinion you are simply WRONG.

It is nothing personal against you BTW I like you perfectely fine, it's just the best selling FPS of all time annoys me because of its epic shitness.
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I ll modify this post to put in an artistic picture of mine so it meets the criteria.

So you want to be like bungie and kill a series by making way to many sequels to one game? Then make people pay $60 for the same maps?

Sorry for more off topicness but this is my last off topic post. Bungie made abriiliant game with great storytelling and the lark, grapics etc. There map packs are actually only 800 ms points in comparison to cod's 1200. All of the cod maps are crap while bungies are original in most aspects. Bungie didnt make halo wars and they are not making any more halo games. Also the Halo universe is huge like star wars, there could be halo 43 if wewanted to buy it. Meanwhile there are 6 crap cods and one good one. My math says 7 is moe than bungie's 5 ( they didnt make halo wars) Also bungie actually care about bqnning modders and hackers, aftermarket issues and customer care unlike crappy cod. Reachs graphics were awesome too, much better then cods 7 year old unreal engine could ever put out. Once again its nothing personal I just cant beleive we buy this crap.
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