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Creativity thread

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The purpose of this tread is to give the more creative users of ASF, professional or amateurs, a place to post their artistic works, be it freehand drawing, photography, music, clay modeling, cg art, film making, video editing or anything else in between.

I'll get the ball rolling with one of my hobbies, 3d modeling/rendering:

I may have some more on a different computer. Will post more as soon as i find them.
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Might be a necro, but I feel bad letting this die out.
Anyway, here is some more stuff I did since the last time I posted:

My mug

Dino rider

Dino rider detail

Here, I wanted the rider to embody a certain evolution/transition of warfare, a slight contrast between ancient savage gear and a colder, metal armor, hence the lightning, one emitting familiar root-like warmth, while the other a cold ruthless future.

Furniture concept

I designed this for my new apartment. Hopefully by January I will be able to actually touch it.

Imageshack doesn't seem to have the thumbnail feature any more, but I suppose everyone has big flat monitors by now. If not, Ctrl + Mouse Wheel :p
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